This is the third part in our “What is Gimbalabs” series. Read Part 1 here.

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

Near the end of The Economy of Cities (1969), Jane Jacobs writes that she does not believe in aliens.

If flying saucers full of explorers were to arrive, however, the question she would want to ask them is a prompt for first principles thinking:

The Economy of Cities provides a model for thinking about economic growth as the product of…

Our Current Work

This is the second part in our “What is Gimbalabs” series. Read Part 1 here.

Like everyone in the Cardano community, we are full of ideas. We want to put Cardano in the hands of all sorts of people: small business owners, community organizers, musicians, chefs, bakers, makers, movers and shakers the world over. We want to see the ideals of Cardano come to life. We want more people to have more autonomy, and we want everyone to feel like it’s realistic to think that big problems are solvable. We want to help people get to work on solving those…

by James Dunseith


The first things I’d like you to know about Gimbalabs is that the process of defining “what it is” remains ongoing, and that we invite you to participate. Not in some “we’re building this plane as we’re flying it” with a wink and a smile sort of way, but in the fully-active understanding that in order to have any chance of solving the world’s most challenging problems, we must be comfortable with uncertainty, open to new ways of working and willing to question any assumption. …

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